The Future of Photography?
Curated drops with fine art photogrammetry
The DDA Collection: an intimate community that unlocks exclusive digital, physical, and experiential benefits for holders.
LiveTheLifeTV is a web3 media company. Our art studio is powering the future of meta, digital, and traditional media. We are shaping our brand through storytelling, experiences, and community. Our MVP is a photography and photogrammetry-centric NFT platform with a curated collection from award-winning artists. To stay true to our vision, we're shipping an NFT auction house & metaverse gallery that will showcase a highly curated selection of NFT minted on a custom creator contract.
The most important thing a creator can do is listen to and learn from the community and the market. We have been watching carefully and felt that given the current climate and state of the market, the most exciting way to grow our community organically will be through a free mint. Our priority is to get some beautiful works of art into the hands and wallets of our community so it can be appreciated by everyone the same way we have been appreciating it! We have some plans down the road that involves a Founders Mint Pass, but this will be completely optional and will not hinder your enjoyment of our community if you choose not to participate. (🔥 Mint Page 🔥)
The Founders Mint Pass is in a superstate where it constantly fluctuates between art, proof of ownership, access keys, items (physical and digital), and perceived values. It’s ok to collect NFTs for different reasons, whether it’s the art, the money, the tech, or the membership. The Founders Mint Pass will unlock digital, physical, and experiential benefits for holders. We think of these NFTs as a piece of art that also acts as a Proof Of Membership. The Mint Pass is your ticket to all future artist releases, a collection that includes icons from the photography world as well as hand-picked up and comers. What makes NFTs truly interesting is not the speculative nature of these assets, but the ability to create derivative works off of these assets, ie, they become productive assets.
We are currently taking applications for the first 1,000 members. As a founding member, you will have curatorial power, first inline to IRL and digital experiences, and early access to our NFT-based membership mint pass, and digital drops.
Founder's Pass minting soon (TBD), 1000 editions. 10 iconic creators. Quarterly art drops.
Mint Pass based on a curated custom series of Nouns PFPs that match our brand DNA.

Founders Mint Pass / FAQ

What is the Founders Mint Pass?
What is the utility of the Founders Mint Pass?
Are there other benefits to the Founders Mint Pass?
What is the total supply?
What is the mint price?
How do I get a Founders Mint Pass?
What is the purpose of using PREMINT?
What is the Allow List breakdown?
What are the secondary market royalties?
What are the funds being used for?
Who is on the team?
Where can I talk with the founders?
Where can I provide some feedback?
When mint?
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