Degen Vibes

Experimental DAO in the package of a Generative pfpNFT

Nouns are an experimental attempt to improve the formation of on-chain avatar communities. While projects such as Cryptopunks have attempted to bootstrap digital community and identity, Nouns attempt to bootstrap identity, community, governance, and a treasury that can be used by the community. (For more context, read the FAQ)

As Nouns gains traction by the day, more and more people are coming up with derivatives of the project, expanding the Nouns ecosystem! All the funds from the sale are released directly into a DAO, with each NFT serving as one vote in the DAO. As always, none of this is financial advice. I’m not promoting Nouns DAO as an investment but rather as a fascinating Web3 case study. I hope you’ll come to share at least some of our passion for the project. If you’re in the market for a Noun, or one of the more affordable extension projects which we’ll get to shortly, we recommend simply making a decision based on what matters to you. Everything else is pure speculation. That being said, the founding team isn’t ruling over the project in the way we’re used to from other projects. Rather, they’ve created the foundation and set up the project to be truly community-led. Everything is in the public domain and free for you, me, and everyone else to build on. In fact, you’re encouraged to expand the Nouns ecosystem whether it be with derivative collections, useful websites, or whatever you can think of. The Nouns brand and artwork are in the public domain or “CC0″. This essentially means that you can do whatever you want with it without worrying about any kind of copyright infringement. Not only does the Nouns DAO allow you to repurpose the artwork and brand, but it actually encourages you do to so — and may even pay you for it! All the money generated from the Nouns auctions goes directly to the DAO treasury. The treasury currently holds more than 27,000 ETH. The treasury exists for Nouns DAO participants to allocate resources for the long-term growth and prosperity of the Nouns ecosystem.

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The Degen Vibes have no stated goals or mission statement. Good Vibes OHMly. They represent the brand DNA we cultivated over the past 25 years with LiveTheLifeTV. They showcase our passion for surf, film, photography, etc, ... Now imagine, NounsDAO with some custom tweaks:

  • TBD

  • TBD

  • TBD

Example: Every 24 hours a new NFT goes to public auction on Ethereum with a reserve. The NFTs placed on auction are curated by the DAO and represent access keys into the DAO, representative of your voting weight within governance, curation, and staking settings. If an auction reserve is not met for the public auction on Ethereum, this NFT is put up for auction on Optimism in a DAO-only bid setting. This means that you must be a member of the DAO to bid and hold $VIBES token to bid with. $VIBES token is distributed to members of the DAO. Every 10 days the Degen Vibes NFT on public auction is automatically transferred to the VIBES DAO treasury to serve as the DAO art vault. To have your art included, onboard as part of the GVO33 Web3 Creative Residency.

If we can't figure out meaningful tweaks (we believe we can), this experiment may at least turn into a 10K PFP NFT collection with different seasons, where we launch a specific interest (surf, wine, photography, etc) every month or so. This will allow us to segment our Discord in collector clubs with very specific interests. For example, anyone owning a filmstrip Nouns will get to access the photography-related channel on the LiveTheLifeTV Discord.

Imagine we use our PREMINT flow, to add people from the allow list to mint very specific traits, so that each of the communities we vibe with, are allowed to mint a limited and themed series, that acts as a gate to very specific channels on Discord, how would we need to tweak the contracts?

Above all, this is a learning curve, with a few clear goals:

  • Test drive signature-based TW contracts with a 10K collection on testnet

  • Learn to deploy Nouns Style NFT contracts, they deserve to become the standard

  • Experiment, and learn along the way. Test drive concepts like Snapshot Delegate.


These characters are playful, they appeal to our culture code, & they tap into our deep-seated love of DAOs, NFTs, and DeFi. They hold the visions of the Degen Vibes we enjoy.

While we have curated traits that align with our brand DNA, to generate this 10K collection, imagine adding custom traits that add a flavor to very specific communities, for example, what if these custom Nouns, have the Olympus, Odyssey, and BeraChain logo on the t-shirt? What if owning any of these Nouns allow you to claim a Berachain-themed hoodie? Ideas are flowing, we've only started brainstorming about many of the creative iterations that these custom Nouns can unlock!

We generated a 10K collection based on the Nouns traits that are fully aligned with the LiveTheLifeTV brand DNA: surf, skate, wine, film, and photography. We tweaked the backgrounds with photography-based visuals, and color-graded them through a "multiply" layer.

cc0 places emphasis on our ability to communicate a story, build a world and bring others along.


// General metadata for Ethereum
const namePrefix = "Degen Vibes";
const description = "These characters are playful, they appeal to our culture code, & they tap into our deep-seated love of DAOs, NFTs, and DeFi. They hold the visions of the vagabond degens.";
const baseUri = "ipfs://NewUriToReplace";

const layerConfigurations = [
    growEditionSizeTo: 100,
    layersOrder: [
      { name: "Background" },
      { name: "Background_P", options: { blend: MODE.multiply, opacity: 0.9 } },
      { name: "Body_N" },
      { name: "Mask_N" },
      { name: "Accessories_N" },
      { name: "Glasses_N" },

const format = {
  width: 1080,
  height: 1080,
  smoothing: false,

// example metadata.json using npm:nft-art-maker

  "name": "GVO#333",
  "description": "Degen Vibes",
  "edition": 333,
  "attributes": [
      "trait_type": "mask",
      "value": "hawaii"
      "trait_type": "helmet",
      "value": "sailor"
      "trait_type": "vest",
      "value": "odyssey"
  "tags": "degen,daolife,travel,photography,pixelart",
  "image": {
    "href": "",
    "hash": "3ae8...9e9398bcec",
    "ipfsUri": "ipfs://ba..66gznn6jb5m/149.png",
    "ipfsCid": "ba...66gznn6jb5m",
    "fileName": "149.png"


No Classic Roadmap

Most NFT Project roadmaps are like this:

  1. You buy our $330 jpeg

  2. You make it your pfp

  3. You stake it so you can’t sell it

  4. We give you some imaginary money we invented

  5. You pay us $69.42 for a hoodie with a picture of the jpeg you bought from us

  6. You shill us all over the internet

We should be able to do better ...

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