IRL Experiences

Properties of our GVO Mint Pas NFTs are named after destinations and they can provide special access and perks to their holders at IRL events. These may include but are not limited to travel packages, complementary or discontinued accommodation in LTL Partner hotels or private luxury villas, concierge services, and IRL experiences at co-working spaces in collab with Outside.

  • Members can band together to plan trips through the web3 app.

  • Access a series of QR codes at some of their favorite locations.

The next frontier requires more effort, but we expect to be able to pilot some ideas.

  • Pursue conversations with boutique hotels to offer additional member benefits.

  • Rent out an AirBnB with treasury funds for the entirety of a season for members.

  • Sell merch and master prints to help further fund our journey.

More capital-intensive initiatives represent the pinnacle of success for GVO.

  • Aspire to own property near the top ski and surf destinations in the world.

  • Develop building plots with Mirror Houses to offer private, creative spaces.

  • At a later stage develop Eco Villas, similar to our first POC in ST, Costa Rica.

Using tokenomics to connect renting out homes with a purchase of an NFT, will bring a nice transition from web2 to web3 in the near future. When it comes to the NFT space, most users are initially attracted to the wonderful communities surrounding PFP collections, or the chance at buying a JPEG that skyrockets in price overnight. As we’ve all come to realize though, NFTs can be applied to far more than PFP collections, and blockchain technology is slowly making its way into sectors of everyday life. One of the most underrated yet slowly growing uses for blockchain technology is in the real estate world. While that may seem implausible at first, real estate owners and investors alike have already begun deploying properties as NFTs, and have been met with varying levels of success. Transferring ownership of a property is no joke, and requires hours of intense legal procedure, paperwork, and hassle. Due to the public and tamper-proof nature of the blockchain, real estate listed as NFTs could ease the strains associated with buying and selling real estate. All relevant information surrounding property could be baked-in to its corresponding NFT by tokenomics that will available to all, and sales could be as simple as the press of a button. Furthermore, the innovations of decentralized finance could allow property owners to take out loans against their assets. While it’s hard to imagine someone borrowing against an apartment building to earn cryptocurrency, this could become reality in the very near future. Owners may be able to take out loans with far better terms than what they’d get in a traditional finance setting - and again, everything would be public and tamper-proof thanks to the blockchain. NFT-backed real estate is still in its infancy, but as more are made aware of its existence and the value behind blockchain technology, it’s likely that it’ll grow far beyond its current state.

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