In the early stages of LiveTheLifeTV, we had a small blog and a basic social media presence. This is back in 2009, so having a Facebook profile still translated into some organic views and some organic traffic. We didn't do content marketing, per se. At least not diligently. We mostly solely published articles, photos, and videos and promoted them on social media, with some private funds to boost them. At that stage, we didn't have our business model clear, so we were mostly looking for leads. Free beta testers that would give us UX feedback. Here are a few milestones:

  • 1000 surf properties in 100 destinations

  • 100 million views through Google

  • 50 million views on Facebook

  • Organic growth of Facebook, 75K

  • 7500+ leads for travel and real estate

The principal innovation of crypto networks is their ability to grow network effects by enabling users to share in the value they create. With each new member the service becomes more valuable to each individual member, generating a network effect. Valuable crypto services now have the unique opportunity to redistribute that value directly to the members who generate it. If designed properly, an effective distribution of a fee stream can further entrench network effects by giving users a direct economic incentive to contribute, thus generating more defensibility, which in turn, reinforces the viability of the fee stream in the first place. We will use Fairmint to stay compliant.

One of the first things we’re thinking about after building out our MVP is how we’re going to get it out the door. We want to pay for MPR to get that first push of early-adopters. All of this is expensive, and that capital isn’t going to just come out of thin air. So we’ll turn to fundraising. Thus we enter the dilemma: are we a pre-seed stage, or a seed-stage? The short answer is some quantum superposition of both. We would love to run LiveTheLifeTV for another decade or two. The priority now is to survive our 3rd bear market. As we continue building our product, we will engineer a token that will serve our community by giving them a voice and a share of the value they contribute. We want to proceed to a first round of financing from private investors, to fund product roadmap.

$150K Pre-Seed = 23x Gross Burn Rate. We are spending the first 150k on hiring one full-stack developer, and covering operations and legal expenses. This will get to problem-solution fit.

Seed Round

The ask is for $500,000 at $2,000,000 pre-money valuation to fund product roadmap while hiring a growth marketer and two developers, giving us 24 months of runway.


We anticipate generating $10M+ in membership revenue by 2025.

LTV / 3 >= CAC

We think our CAC is $100. Through this estimation, if we invest the next $50K in MPR, it will help us acquire 500 members with an average lifetime value (LTV) of $500 (0.33 ETH).

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