MF + HaLo

RFID that when scanned send an NFT to your wallet?

We will be testing the innovative printing technology from Metafactory. We seek to use this opportunity to create a pioneering NFT-Merch drop that generates revenue to bootstrap GVO. This idea was launched a year ago at Bankless DAO but we let DAOpunks have the honor of testing the new printer at MF... we later proposed the concept as bootstrapping initiative at Odyssey & Olympus DAO, but there was clear pushback. That being said, we would love to execute this strategy to bootstrap LiveTheLifeTV, and stick to our commitment to Dimitri Daniloff to create a super unique, innovative merch & NFT series based on his archives.

The NFT artwork is the result of a 25-year-old career as one of the top photographers in the world. It’s Dimitri’s lifework and we want to treat it with the utmost respect. Each NFT will be redeemable for a physical shirt with the actual NFT data printed on the shirt.

MetaFactory has many different production partners specializing in everything from on-demand sublimation / DTG to screen printing and embroidery to custom, cut & sew construction. They announced the introduction of their first dedicated micro-factory based in Berlin, Germany: the MF Berlin Werkstatt. This studio is currently set up for tinkering and prototyping.

Specialized hardware allows MetaFactory to imbue physical pieces with cold wallet storage capabilities, unlocking new interactions and experiences. (ie. perpetual upgrades, retroactive airdrops, special access to events, etc). We have recently started to incorporate KONG’s v2 chips, Halos. Unlike SiLos which require a dedicated app, users can interact with HaLos entirely via a mobile browser. They use Ethereum’s native secp256k1 which means they can directly sign transactions and messages, massively reducing the cost of verification on-chain. While HaLo’s could be used in any application, we believe they are best targets at physical assets with values of $100–10,000 rather than ultra high-end applications where SiLos are better suited. As compared to easily copied QR codes and URLs on NFC tags, HaLo’s can attest to their own identity through the generation of signatures.

Kong Land is on a mission to improve the state of the art of cryptographic chips for the self-custody and creation of physical crypto assets. We look forward to working not only with creators, but also manufacturers, platforms and projects that make it easy for anyone to mint physical crypto assets and experiences. Website

We believe that the potential for physical crypto assets is only limited by the imagination of the creator. HaLo chips offer strong guarantees about the authenticity of an item, but the possibilities for linking on-chain assets are much greater. Creators can not only deposit assets like NFTs and ERC20’s that can be claimed by future holders, but also leverage HaLos for making physical soulbound NFTs. We imagine a future where the value of physical items like clothing and collectables will be determined more by the assets and experiences tied to the item on-chain than the material it’s created from.

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