Old Draft from 2021: To Be Reviewed

LTL is a fair launch project with no pre-sale, no investor, and no pre-mine. Similar to many fair launch projects, we will reward various participants that help bootstrap our ecosystem. This will be the only way to earn LTL tokens. We will disburse a large fraction of tokens over a much longer period of time to the workers that are adding value to the project. This gives us a longer runway to iterate towards product-market fit (PMF), and more funds to catalyze growth once PMF is achieved. To show our long-term commitment to the project we might decide to send most of the team and advisor tokens to a retention wallet where they will be locked for 2 years.

LTL is designed to be completely free from the possibility of supply manipulation. Once the contract is launched, no one has any ownership or control over it and the contract will continue to work in perpetuity without any interaction.

LTL will be released over two years with a decaying emissions schedule. In total, there will be 1M tokens. To incentivize early adopters, 10 % of tokens will be distributed to the community in a fair launch based on the amount of SourceCred. We have NO SALE. LTL tokens act as governance tokens for the DAO. Each founding member will be chosen based upon the unique and complementary skills they can contribute to the DAO. To be selected to receive LTL Tokens, every community member will be contributing some combination of time/expertise/capital for their tokens. LTL tokens enable the members to join the LiveTheLifeTV discord and vote on how we generate revenue, and NFTs we acquire, get reinvested, or distributed in the future.


We will launch a governance vault that will allow community members to stake their LTL tokens; stakers will receive xLTL where 1 xLTL = 1 vote, allowing them to decide on key governance decisions. Token holders can vote on proposals through the DAO

  1. Contribute expertise/capital

  2. Curate NFTs

  3. Share upside through NFT appreciation

Capture Benefits

We will let the community decide how they want the economic incentives to be captured by the LTL token. Idea: Through a system of immutable smart contracts and $LTL autonomously applies a 1% fee to each transaction. How to directly monetize crypto UX?

  1. Build a frontend to a smart contract

  2. Add transaction buttons

  3. Add a small convenience-fee-taking intermediary contract

  4. Route all transactions through that

Now you've directly priced the value-add of your user interface.

Protocol Utility

LTL tokens will be a fundamental part of future initiatives providing protocol utility. In particular, we're planning an NFT integration that will require LTL tokens to participate. Like incentivizing curation? Or tokenizing likes? LTL Art Fund DAO can:

  1. fractionalize/shard NFT

  2. distribute to 100 true fans

  3. co-create / promote / connect

  4. collective ownership, identity, and experience

Dev Fund

5% of the distributed tokens will go towards funding development and expanding the team and will be subject to the same two-year vesting as the tokens from the Fair Launch Distribution.

Gnosis Safe

There is an allocation of 70% reserved for the LTL treasury. It is for the community to decide its distribution. Existing token holders can vote on proposals through the DAO. 15% of these tokens will be used to seed a Liquidity Pool. To avoid dilution to token holders, we'll implement a restriction. No more than 1% can be withdrawn each month, with the only exception being if there is prior approval from a community vote.

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