CC Monthly #01

The CC monthly runs – surprisingly – every month, and is timeboxed to 45 minutes.
It's always good to keep a record of who attended meetings, who was facilitating the meeting, and who was designated as the lucky person to take notes.


I don’t know who needs to hear this today. But here it goes:
You are seen
You are enough
You are a legend
You are doing great
You are appreciated
You are making progress
Keep going fren - You're doing great!

What did we ship this cycle?

  • Creative Design: Reskin LiveTheLifeTV / Launch GVO Webflow
  • Engineering: Test deploy mint contract
  • Operations: Restructure through workstreams + dework + guild
  • Marketing: Too early for any MPR
  • Partnerships: Odyssey
  • Legal & Policy: Fairmint V2 test demo

What did we leave on the shelf?

  • Creative Design: Finish GVO webflow
  • Engineering: Deploy contract on mainnet
  • Operations: Do weekly syncs
  • Marketing: Merch Test Demo
  • Partnerships: Manifold/Rarible
  • Legal & Policy: Set up Delaware C

What can we do better?

  • Creative Design: 3D Mint Pass
  • Engineering: backend SDK
  • Operations: Daily standups
  • Marketing: Demo Master Prints
  • Partnerships: Follow up
  • Legal & Policy: Document the how / why of Fairmint

Action items

  • Update GitBook