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Web3 allows individuals to invest in projects (via effort/resources/funds) at their earliest stages, way before VCs are able to invest. Individuals are able to go where traditional VCs can't. They can get early exposure to projects when there isn't even a company/legal entity. When there's only a GitHub and a Discord perhaps. Pre-core team, pre-deck, early-stage meme investing. We'll see thriving communities form around DAO-first token projects before there will be a pitch deck.

It's very difficult atm to build products or services as a DAO. Current org structures & tooling cater much better to capital allocation which is why impact DAOs and investment DAOs are having more success. It's much easier to put capital allocation decisions to governance vote than more nuanced product strategy & roadmap decisions. Tooling and best practices around org structure and scaling need to evolve to better accommodate product-building DAOs. What if… not everyone is cut out for contributing to DAOs? What if… people don’t wanna “self manage” or govern they just wanna check some boxes and get paid? I’d argue that’s the vast majority of folks — who are in DAOs today.

We are DAO-governed. In the early stages, the operations team acts as a proxy for the DAO community by making decisions but always acts on-behalf of the community. Over time, all decisions are formed by community members in the forum and made through snapshot voting. (v)

Grow community + incentivize contributors via DAO

-> form core team, create a game plan

-> professionalize + setup legal entity

-> only then take outside capital.

Time to incorporate

Gilded NFTOPS is a one-stop financial reporting solution for growing NFT platforms. They developed a marketplace-specific set of modules to track financial performance, including revenue tracking, collection metrics by asset and artist, royalty payments, and revenue share. NFTOPS customers will gain access to full-featured accounting tools and powerful APIs for custom integrations that simplify operations, streamline reporting, and produce tax-ready data.

What can you do with NFTOPS?

  • A financial dashboard with real-time insights into NFT sales, activity on primary and secondary markets, platform revenue, trending collections, and more

  • The ability to track all corporate wallets, pay vendors, and sync transactions with leading accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero

  • Reconciliation for both credit card payments and on-chain sales for consolidated financial reporting by asset, collection, and payment type

  • No-code solutions for generating auditable financial statements for artists, licensors, rights holders, and collectors


The business model of NFTs is still early and we’re seeing a lot of experimentation. It’s currently been a game-changer for thousands, though. Estimated creator revenues of NFTs (2021) are $3.9 Billion shared among 22,400 creators ($174K Avg Per Creator).

Parcel V2

  • Tasks & Bounties

We use Dework to organize ourselves and create tasks. There is an assignee and reviewer for every task. The communitee can make suggestions and claim tasks for which there is not yet an assignee.

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