Auction House

OpenSea is not well suited for navigating the millions of NFTs. It is just not set up in that way. It becomes a question of discovery. And that discovery job right now is much better suited for vertical and specialized marketplaces like LiveTheLifeTV. We are able to build experiences that are very hyper-focused and optimized for our very specific NFT-style, photography, and photogrammetry. We can make our artists heroes, we can build functionality into the art, and manage how it is presented in ways that get lost or translated on these more generalized marketplaces. We are a place where we can present curated collections. Our collections require very specific experiences and general marketplaces like OpenSea are not a good fit for those types of experiences.

The LiveTheLifeTV Platform Fee will be fair, reasonable, yet highly competitive - striking the perfect balance to drive maximum platform interest and volume.

  • Equity is reserved for Artists who mint NFTs.

  • Rewards based on transaction count & volume.

The UI/UX for the auction house has been ready for over a year. The roadblock was a flexible SDK/contract to run the frontend. Thirdweb has been a game-changer for us.

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LiveTheLifeTV (LTL) comes into the NFT marketplace with longstanding ties in the art world, giving the team the ability to offer NFT artworks from known, traditional artists, and giving those artists a trusted platform where they can display, sell, and provide ownership of their art to their fans.

The platform is designed and curated by the artists themselves, meaning that the underlying framework meets the needs of artists first, giving them the security and care they need in order to offer their valuable works to the public. Beyond the day-to-day offerings of these artists, LTL will be offering a variety of special collections designed specifically to be offered as NFTs. The project bridges the physical art world with the digital for well-established artists who already have mass followings. Through a series of art promotional events, airdrops, and rewards systems, LTL will be building up a network of artists, fans, and investors in this fantastic new opportunity.

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