Penthouses built within photorealistic metaverse

Penthouses are Exclusible’s latest metaverse real estate project. These 500sqm equivalent spaces make it possible to host online meetups and events with up to 50 guests, then being perfectly suited for social happenings to more commercial endeavors. These prime pieces of luxury real estate allow owners to showcase their NFT portfolio as artworks on the walls, rotating their collection at will to custom curate and personalize their environment. The screening room supports both prerecorded short films and live stream functionality, while the heliport will ultimately become a portal through which users could access digital exclusive events. The Exclusible Penthouses are available in three colour variations (Quartz, Ruby, Obsidian), and come in different panoramic views including Paris, Miami, Vegas, Dubai, and New Caledonia.

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(RAFFLE) Discounted Access to the Exclusible Penthouse NFT drop.

  • Phase 1: Alpha / Theia / Villa / Island : Mint at preferential price 0.3 ETH

  • Phase 2: Allow list (from this premint) : Mint at a discounted price 0.4 ETH

  • Phase 3: Public sale : Mint at public sale price of 0.6 ETH. Supply TBD

Exclusible is the definitive metaverse and NFT platform dedicated to luxury brands, giving collectors access to limited-edition NFTs and experiences issued by the world's most desirable luxury brands. Founded in 2021, Exclusible successfully launched its own NFT collection called Alpha, acting as a private club access key with a wide array of privileges. 3,000 NFTs sold out in less than 48 hours. Exclusible's second drop with Dita von Teese sold out in 52 seconds. In addition, Exclusible sold out their Luxury District villas, with the public sale clearing out within 5 hours, to the tune of 750 ETH ($1.6M). These metaverse locations will be available to its brand and celebrity partners to support their NFT and digital strategy, with the aim to develop a truly virtual luxury universe with social, gaming, interactive, and innovative concepts.

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