Vision / Mission

Curate, own, and create culture

🚀 Mission

Representing today’s most resonant voices working in photography, mixed-media, video, and sound. In the commercial sphere, many artists have also collaborated with magazines and brands on distinctive creative projects, campaigns, and stories. Beyond our roster, we work with other emerging, mid-career, and established artists to mint their works into NFT collections and develop curatorial projects, commissions, and publications. If an NFT project is NOT trying to improve the lives of creatives it certainly lost the plot. NFTs are a unique opportunity to rebuild our creative institutions to better serve artists. We share a common desire to develop innovative services and products that will empower the creative world, as we define the future of photography and web3 filmmakers. Our mission is to use treasury funding to work with artists and commission them to do exclusive mints under the GVO Mint Pass.

Everyone who contributes scarce time and attention to our venture should receive pro-rata rewards for producing and curating high-quality code, design, and content. As we lean into building deeper relationships with participants and stakeholders, we’re looking to do this using programmable equity. With customized rights and restrictions, we can expand the definition of employee equity to include anyone who helps drive our business as on our team - customers, business partners, community members, etc.

Web1: democratizing information

Web2: democratizing publishing

Web3: democratizing ownership

BAYC realized they needed a larger community and thus introduced MAYC. Why? Because a bigger community will make a bigger difference. All these successful collections have realized they need a bigger base, so why not learn from them and implement that now instead. We decided to learn from all the trends and split out our utility while making that utility more accessible than ever. We need to balance our ability to raise funds and execute our mission while also setting a price that allows many people from all walks of life to participate, not just the upper tiers of society. Instead of wrapping our collection into one set of 10,000 and selling it for 1ETH or 0.5ETH, we've split it up so that community members can buy what suits them best. Because having access to events in major cities is useless unless you live in one.

🔭 Vision

A DAO (talent pool) empowered by NFTs (UX) with DeFi Mechanics (treasury) to create, curate, and collect art in the metaverse. A DAO is the talent pool shipping superb design, code, and content, a magic cocktail with the ingredients of a pleasing User Experience to create, share and exchange valuable media (NFTs). Liquid assets (DeFi) contain a market and media component, allowing NFTs to become independent of the platforms they are issued on, a concept called “cryptomedia.” We are open source maxis, our platform does not charge a fee for minting or purchasing NFTs. Smart contracts are built to allow third-party [user interfaces] and on-chain only contracts. However, the code well be designed to make adding fees and tokens simple to allow for a sustainable model for buidlers.

The goal is as much financial as it is about 'living the life'. We want to express a feeling of community where people who love food, wine, art, and tech come together. Resident artist Dimitri Daniloff has bestowed us with his artwork to support the movement. LiveTheLifeTV will curate upcoming artists to join the initiative. The GVO brand needs to be bold, powerful, full of style, and express freedom. This is just the genesis, those with our Values will always find a HOHM at LTL.

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