Have your NFT be revealed to you in layers as it gets built during the minting process. The programmable art movement! It is a new movement in which creators deconstruct their work into “Layers” and endow them with abilities. Collectors can then own and alter artworks through said Layers. Layers can even be hooked up to external data sources such as time to change autonomously. The platform allows artists to create digital art pieces that change over time, due to their underlying structure. The art pieces are created in layers, with each layer tokenized. The final image, called the Master is also tokenized. Artists are able to write code that programs the layers to change according to their directions, giving the asset the ability to evolve over time.

Async Blueprints represents a means for collectors to acquire artwork from their favorite artists at a more accessible price. While 1/1s from well-known artists can sell for a substantial amount of ETH, a Blueprint collection provides unique, one-of-a-kind pieces at a lower point of entry into a community of dedicated collectors.

Using the Async Canvas tool, artists can generate a collection of Editions from their uploaded materials, without any programming knowledge. By breaking this technology barrier, creators can deliver future-facing artwork that has both purpose and utility.

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