We are in pre-revenue growth stage with a roadmap for future profitability as market conditions stabilize. We are an integrated photography-centric NFT platform at the intersection of web3, community and metaverse aimed at genZ and Millennials (*)..

Fairmint makes community ownership easy. LiveTheLifeTV will launch with the Fairmint's decentralized portal on our website, allowing contributors to receive tokenized equity in exchange for time or money they invest. Built by founders for founders, this technology leverages blockchain and smart contracts to make equity programmable. Fairmint is the Web3 layer of the modern startup stack, empowering participation in the ownership economy.

The vast majority of startup investing as it exists today is an insider’s game. Early adopters and believers don’t have access to venture capital markets, so they don’t share in the financial upside of their favorite startup’s growth. Web2 investing is insular and exclusive, leaving out the very communities that make up a product: its early adopters.

But with Web3, the way companies raise capital and interact with their communities is changing. By tokenizing equity, Fairmint is democratizing access to ownership in high-growth startups.

DeFi has created ways for founders to raise money on a rolling basis. If an eagle-eyed user sees the enormous potential of a company, they can be among the first to invest. And more risk-averse investors don’t have to rush to make a decision until they see a product’s community already investing in it. DeFi gives startups freedom to break free from traditional fundraising rounds and focus on building their product.

Fairmint is creating a system that uplifts the entire community around a successful company, and doesn’t just reserve the riches for a select few wealthy insiders.

Jack is right that a lot of web3 protocols are backed by VCs doing private, backroom pre-sale deals at massive discounts. Web3 should be about everyone having an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to participate, invest, and own. VCs get in line w/ rest. On one hand, crypto VCs want SEC to loosen up regulation so they can more easily dump discounted pre-sale tokens. Many utility and governance tokens are exit liquidity for VCs to dump on the community.

We are adopting Fairmint because we can:

  • Raise without pitching (or even involving) VCs

  • Have our community as investors

  • Have ongoing liquidity pools

  • Offer crypto native token rewards

  • Be 100% compliant and do on-chain issuance

  • Unlock the resale of shares challenge

Inspired by Fairmint’s vision and execution, Tim Draper decided — on a single zoom meeting — to join forces with them by purchasing $2M worth of $FAIRs “on the spot”, directly on Fairmint’s website. This new investment brings the total amount raised through their continuous offering to $7M (and counting!). “Fairmint gives founders the ability to raise funds passively, on their website, from the people that value and love what they do. Letting everyone be part of your equity story, that’s a superpower!” — Tim Draper

A rolling SAFE is a web3-powered tokenized SAFE with its own $TICKER that is fully DeFi-compatible… You're excited about that? Us too! A large part of traditional investors? Not so much. Don't ask for money: let your business do the talking. People don't invest b/c you need money. They invest b/c your vision is inspiring & your product is super cool.

So don't create a fundraising-focused campaign; instead, regularly communicate about your progress. Start w/ an enticing valuation. Sure, you want to raise at the highest valuation possible,  but what's the magic number? $1M? $10M? $100M? Your rolling SAFE solves the problem for you: each time an investor invests, it will automatically increase your company's valuation. Don't let your valuation go too high too fast. Your rolling SAFE is gaining traction, money is flowing in and the valuation of your company starts to soar. It's tempting to let it run… But you don't want your valuation to get disconnected from your real-world business.

You've successfully turned lots of your supporters into investors? Great! Engage w/ them, they're your most fervent fans and they've got lots of skin in the game. And if some go above & beyond to help, you can reward them w/ more equity from your rolling SAFE. Use your rolling SAFE to test product-market fit.

You've launched at an attractive valuation, communicated, and still only have a handful of investors? Remember talk is cheap - actual investing takes conviction. If the cash isn't there, your community isn't convinced yet. But that doesn't mean to give up! Keep iterating. Reach out to your community, ask for feedback, and leverage those learnings to build the solution they need. As you get closer, the results should show up in your fundraising. Remember that the rolling SAFE allows you to raise funds without spending time actively reaching out to investors, focusing fully on delivering greatness to your community, and communicating intelligently about it.

Funny AF tbh. We have been DAO maxis since the launch of Aragon in 2018/2019, and we will continue to experiment, contribute, and collab with various DAOs. Like most other Web3 technologies, DAOs are currently in an experimental phase. Fewer than 100 have assets of more than $1 million. Their current shortcomings should be viewed through the lens of early-stage innovation: It’s not clear exactly what they will become and where they are most beneficial, but DAOs have obviously created a lot of interest and excitement in the Web3 community. Will we see hybrids form? Imagine using something like a DAO to let our users decide which features to incorporate in the next version of an offering. With Web3, there’s plenty to imagine.

It's no secret we love OlympusDAO, Odyssey, Bankless DAO, FWB, DAOhaus, Syndicate, MetaCartel, MolochDAO, Seed Club, GitCoin, Radicle, RaidGuild, MetaFactory, LexDAO, dORG, Opolis, theLAO, Flamingo, ForeFront and BAYC. These will be the DAOs where we contribute.

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