As SudoSwap gears up for public launch of the new sudoswap marketplace, they are open-sourcing the NFT AMM smart contract code that powers everything behind the scenes. From a high-level overview, LPs create pools that hold NFTs or tokens, and traders can swap with those pools. They use a modified minimal proxy pattern for low gas overhead. Deploying a new pool costs ~180k gas, excluding the gas for NFT transfers. Additionally, pre-existing pools can be reused for the same collection. For pool pricing, they use a flexible bonding curve interface. Though they are launching with just a linear and exponential curve, the interface allows for a wide range of curves that can be stateful, including gradual dutch auction style curves and inventory-aware pricing. Swaps are designed to be low gas even in the case where only 1 NFT is being transferred, with additional efficiency gains when buying/selling multiple NFTs at a time.

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