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Photography became part of the fine art world only about a century ago. Now, NFT photography is making inroads with younger collectors. Data suggest that the NFT photography market grew in 2021 to $200 million, the size of the traditional fine art print photography market. It is empowering photographers and inspires collectors. Creating value through context, and curated collections.

NFT photography collecting is migrating toward the qualities inherent in fine art photography that has endured over a century and drove the massive market rise in the early 2000s. There’s an inherent beauty, relatability, and humanity to photography that allows you to instantly connect with the pieces on deep levels. NFT photos are not valued for the same properties as other NFTs because they generally lack the rarity elements that are sought after in PFPs and generative art. And so, you see people buying what appeals to them, what they find interesting, and what they resonate with most. Often, that's artistic quality.

We collect NFT photography because they fill the emotional void that lives in the NFT world. While we might connect and identify with a certain PFP, be in awe of generative art, and be intrigued by the play-to-earn models, nothing in the NFT space has ever brought us to tears except NFT photography and photogrammetry. Because this is an emerging market, there will be ups and downs on the way, but early participants will likely be huge beneficiaries. Most of us were not collecting Sherman photographs for $100 in the early 1980s, but we are here now as the major artists of 21st-century photography emerge on the blockchain.

GVO Curation

As a platform led by well-known and trusted photographers and curators, LTL provides an NFT art gallery and auction house that can be trusted by experienced buyers and artists alike.

Photographers can count on help in digitizing their artworks, creating beautiful NFTs to match their physical work, and having personal guidance in minting their custom creator contracts.

The artist can document their creative process on the LiveTheLifeTV Editorial. As with other NFT platforms, photographers can determine whether the artwork is a single issue (ERC721) or if there will be multiple (ERC1155) copies of the artwork.

GVO Mint Pass unlocks your position in terms of the right to buy the newest and most exclusive NFTs. Our highly curated collection aims to attract iconic artists.

LTL will own its own collection of high-value and historical works of art, displayed to the public in a virtual gallery on spatial. The works can also be displayed in real galleries. The platform expects to develop a community of real and virtual galleries. Visit our DDA Art Gallery and the LTL HQ.

Fees & Royalties

In the smart contract, there is a token splitter. The artist can be given a percentage of the equity in the company (Fairmint), so the percentage of sales that goes to the company directly benefits the artist as the owner of equity (shares) in the LiveTheLifeTV company.

The percentage fee is required to maintain the platform in terms of tech, operations, legal, marketing, PR, and IRL community events. For secondary sales, artists receive 5% of every transaction of their artwork, and LTL receives 5%.

Network Options

We start on Ethereum. During a second phase, we will also deploy on Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. During the third phase, we will add Tezos.


  • ERC 721 contract: rinkeby for now

  • ERC 1155 contract: rinkeby for now

  • Token Splitter contract: rinkeby for now

  • Staking Rewards contract: rinkeby for now

  • DAO Treasury Multisig: DAOhaus V3 coming soon

  • Core Team MultiSig: Parcel V2 link coming soon

Why Vertical Marketplaces?

Be optimized around the photogrammetry we host. We use memberships (GVO Mint Pass) to develop our community and to support the work of devs, designers, and visual storytellers. A photography auction house inspired by the Nouns format. Every day, one image gets put up for auction, if enough demand, it gets produced.

NFT projects need to have their own dedicated marketplaces, where they can set the fees for their own treasuries and add composable features as they see fit.

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