Snapshot Delegate

DAOs will only work with better delegation functions.

The culture code and projects will be formed by governance vote. Founders are compensated with every tenth noun being minted Noun directly for themselves and distributed between the team in a multi-sig. The Zodiac Reality module will be used to experiment with executing Gnosis Safe transactions according to Snapshot proposals. We welcome members who wants to be delegates to introduce themselves to the community.

You can delegate on snapshot directly, here are the steps:

Step 1: Find the address or the ENS you want to delegate to ("TBD")

Step 2: Go to Snapshot Delegate and connect your wallet

Step 3: Enter the address or ENS, click on “Limit delegation to a specific space”, and add “gvo33.eth” in Space. (If you don’t select limit the delegation, it will delegate your voting power for all assets with governance power, if the project added the delegation strategy)

Step 4: Confirm the transaction to delegate your voting power (there is a small gas fees to pay)

If your delegation is done before the snapshot of a proposal, your delegate should be able to vote.

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