Once you publish your collection, Factoria stores and loads everything from IPFS and Ethereum. This means you can build your own custom READ/WRITE web interface to interact with your entire NFT collection. NO SERVER. NO CLOUD. JUST IPFS and ETHEREUM. And only use JavaScript to build your entire NFT collection web app. Whitelist, Airdrop, Dutch Auction,.. all of these release strategies can be easily implemented using the web app.

f0.js is a cross-platform (browser and node.js) JavaScript library that lets you easily build decentralized applications around your NFT collection, such as an NFT drop vending machine, NFT inspector, NFT bots, and more. It abstracts away all the tedious things required to interact with an NFT collection such as:

  • IPFS

  • Web3

  • Merkle Proof (Invite lists)

  • Gas rate & coin exchange rate converstion

moneypipe is a collection of composable building blocks (smart contracts) for playing with money on ethereum. Basically you can create a custom address that represents a group, and simply send money to it, and the funds get auto-split to the members, either synchronously (stream) or asynchronously (buffer).

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