Web3 Travel

For the past 20 years, LTL has been curating places to Live The Life. We want to import our final collection into the GVO web3 app, and offer places that are hand-picked by us, but above all, focus on the prime locations that LTL plans to own and operate as the official HQ, and add all the best places to visit, to eat and to play nearby. It's the ultimate IRL membership benefit. While all this content will be locked behind closed doors for people that do not own one of our NFTs, the app will be 100% open-source and can be used by other communities for various use cases.

Lens Protocol

We are also super interested in using Lens Protocol as the foundation to create a social platform with digital ownership-first experiences and deploy it on Polygon for obvious reasons. (GRANT)

Key functions:

  • Mint a profile

  • Follow others

  • Create publications (post content from videos to long-form text)

  • Collect publications and curate your collection

Goal: The app can prove that a customer has arrived at your restaurant or hotel so that the smart contract can trigger a reward.

  • User snaps a digital photograph (or records a video or other media).

  • User has the option to instantly create a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

  • User has the option to seamlessly add it to an NFT Marketplace

The mobile wallet is essential to reserve and book but also to lock access with NFTs as these will only be available for collectors of the Genesis Collection. The mobile app will allow us to leverage the 76.000 fans of LiveTheLifeTV by promoting the membership benefits of the GVO Collection.

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