Dream Team

Team Work makes the Dream Work

In a nutshell, the Producer handles the business side of things and the Director handles the creative side of things, but many decisions are made together. The Producer will get initial funding or find people who can. This requires putting together materials to pitch the project and sell the idea to get people interested. The Producer supports the Director's vision in every decision he makes, which is why the Director is consulted in choosing department heads and is entitled to pick the AD. A Producer will make sure that the team he picks is a good match for the Director, just as he chose the Director as the best creative match. Teamwork is critical. A director is inextricably linked with the crew who get the job done together. Like the executive producer, the screenwriter's role is essential to the completion of the project. If there is no script, nothing gets shipped.

We have researched and analyzed hundreds of roadmaps, and watched projects rise, thrive, and fail. What sets us apart? What is our unique competitive advantage?

  • Our willingness to do the hard, tiring work, day after day until we achieve our goals

  • Our team, experience, out of the box thinking, and demonstration of short term executions

A collective 76 + years of design, creativity, business operations, financial understanding, commercial know-how, and idea generation. Wrapped into 5 core individuals. Curators are the new creators, and consumers, are going to be willing to pay someone with good taste to help us sort through the ever-growing mass of information at our fingertips.


🎬 CxO — 📧 yves@livethelife.tv — 🇫🇷 Bordeaux (GMT+1)


He started his career at Quiksilver and was a member of the Image Control team. Their input resulted in new flagship stores, events, and a cutting-edge marketing and public relations strategy. Later on, he provided innovative WebTV technology, years before YouTube. They got featured on Apple.com for being a video-streaming pioneer in partnership with Akamai. As a freelance journalist, he interviewed icons from the action sports industry, photographers, and filmmakers, and wrote for a couple of international publications. He has been chasing places to “Live The Good Life” since 1999. LTL was devised as a curated platform for boutique hotels & private homes for rent and for sale with personality. The fact that ERC-721s unlock on-chain royalties, was his aha moment, ever since he developed a strong conviction that NFTs will become the business model for all photogs. He is living the good life with his dream girl, working on his dreams and learning to write code in his free time. Survivor of three long crypto winters.


📸 CxO — 📧 dimitri@livethelife.tv — 🇳🇪 Barcelona (GMT+1)


While his work is often inspired by fantasy, he goes to great lengths to accomplish as much in-camera, as possible. He relishes the opportunity to work with raw ideas and shape them piece by piece into reality. For over a decade, the award-winning photographer Dimitri Daniloff has been among the top 10 advertising photographers in the world. Around the Millenium, Dimitri Daniloff pioneered the switch from analog to digital. Some of the brands that bought his work are Absolut Vodka, Air France, Audi, Carlsberg, Land Rover, LG, Longchamp, Nike, and Sony Playstation. A few years later, Dimitri Daniloff started focusing on photogrammetry. By integrating this technique into his practice, he inserted the virtual world into the real world. More than a plastic artist, Dimitri Daniloff prevails as a sculptor of reality.


💻 CxO — 📧 roy@livethelife.tv — 🇳🇱 Amsterdam (GMT+1)

Full Stack Dev

Shapes the sequence (sprints) to ensure that one iteration transitions to the next so that the UX will unfold logically and in an interesting way. He has over 20 years coding experience, focussing on Web3 in recent years.


💾 CxO — 📧 katrien@livethelife.tv — 🇫🇷 Bordeaux (GMT+1)

Assistant Director

She has a university degree in economics and first worked as an HR Consultant and Office Director for 5 years. She then provided assistance to partners and clients as co-founder of a travel and real-estate online business. Since 2020 she has been exploring Web3 and Defi. The first DAO she joined was Bankless and she has been contributing at Odyssey since almost the beginning. She likes to keep things organized. Planning and administration are her strong points and helping with questions from the community is what gives her a good feeling. Her favorite mantras are: "Say what you do and do what you say" and "Carpe Diem". She strongly believes it's important to find joy in the little things and be thankful for everything we have.


🎙 CxO — 📧 esteve@livethelife.tv — 🇱🇺 Metaverse (GMT+1)

Associate Producer

Believes in and empowers the opportunities underlying the crypto ecosystem since his first diving in around 2017. His first blockchain interactions were dApp and smart contract development yet soon enough with strong technical and project management background gained from consultancy, he embraced challenges to participate in projects where to emphasise "this is not solely a technological revolution but a social one where we redefine the relationships between individuals and organisations". An active member of several DAOs and initiatives, he is always ready to offer his sweat on project management, business development, crypto consulting, or storytelling.


99 Anons, real degens tbh. The frens we made along the way, way too many to list, but here are a few notables; Memetics, Girth, Jacob, Flame, Abipup, Apollo, b3n, CMill, debranko, Dionne, DKD, Droste, Dudemyguy, ET, Eagle, El Ohmbre, electo, Emilos, FattyBagz, Fibo, Fogmonkee, Greg, Grendel, Groggy, Gunnar, Icedcool, jFarms, KD, Kouros, Liza_ch, Luis, m-j-r, Mark11, Mike, JFarms, Montgomery, Nen, Niki, P-one, SwarzeKatze, Seco, Shreddy, Simmayor, Sirz, Smoove, spicyfist, spoys, Stablino, Swagaman, Tayy, Tesa, The DonFather, thekerp, tigerking, tigerlilly, tokes, tomawok, trickfinger, vanilladephia, vengist, whiskey, esdotge, ...

Owned and operated by the GVO DAO, $VIBES is a token supporting what's next in web3. LTL is a contributor to GVO and a community member of the GVO DAO and will be using $VIBES as one of the primary tokens in LiveTheLifeTV projects. $GOOD stuff tbh.

Integrating members into a DAO is not as straightforward as it sounds. Effective onboarding needs to be designed, executed, and scaled with the community. Individuals need support finding their way, but prescriptive approaches conflict with the DAO ethos of autonomy. On top of that, onboarding is a massive lever for long-term engagement and retention. For individuals joining a DAO, the process can be overwhelming and confusing, especially for those who are newer to Web3. We need scalable onboarding pathways that help individuals find their way into and within DAOs without getting lost. Web1 allowed everyone to share ideas. Web2 allowed communities to form and discuss those ideas. Web3 will enable those communities to leverage financial capital and go from discussions to action.

Join Us

To date, experimentations to create a more seamless onboarding process have been:

1) Tag-Selection, 2) Token-Gating, 3) Gitbook Documentation, and 4) onboarding calls.

Introduce yourself on our LiveTheLifeTV Discord

  • LiveTheLifeTV Stewards will assign you a tag

  • That will unlock a channel where you can ask us anything

  • After Proof Of Attendance (POAP) in the onboarding calls ...

  • That will unlock the DEWORK app to find ways to pick up bounties.

  • The bounties you completed will help Core Team to assign your role

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