The new Seaport protocol opens up a range of new paths for the NFT ecosystem:

  • A composable contract on top of which developers can build their own marketplaces

  • Create custom rulesets for the fulfillment of a listing or offer, using a concept called “zones”

  • Support for multiple fees and custom creator fees

  • Potential for new types of transactions, including:

  • Collection offers and batch fulfillment (including floor-sweeping), batch listing, and more

Although the NFT market has had a clear decline in the past three months, OpenSea has not "fazed" and continues to prove that it is the current number one NFT market. They currently have a 13.3 billion USD valuation after a round of funding of 300 million USD. Recently, OpenSea has acquired Gem.XYZ, the market-leading NFT aggregation solution.

OpenSea API. YouTube Labs with Mr. HashLips

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