Anima Supply AR

Critically, the metaverse is not a specific technology but an era where we have a changed perception of technology’s role in our lives. One where digital realities represent a larger piece of our shared reality — and where purely using technology is replaced by owning and experiencing it. The more tactile those digital realities become — the more real the metaverse is.

While mobile is an answer to scaling web3 broadly and cross-generationally, it’s not enough to take desktop behaviors and move them to the phone.

The way we communicate and share on mobile is entirely different…


…it’s through our camera.

On mobile, the camera becomes our voice — how we share our real life into our digital one. Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok. We’re taking 2 trillion photos per year.

And augmented reality is the digital layer on top of the camera. It’s also how we’ll share our digital life back into our real one.

Augmented reality objects and experiences aren’t trapped. They’re seen in your house. Or at your friend’s party. They’re shared on Snapchat. They’re aware of what’s around them.

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