Mint & sell NFTs and offer blockchain Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) for your physical and digital products - all from your Shopify store.

Any merchant can create COAs, but minting is currently available for merchants who qualify for Shopify’s NFT beta program. Get in touch with us at and we’ll support you through the application process.

Mint & sell NFTs

  • Mint on Ethereum & Polygon

  • Save money with lazing minting

  • Easily set up NFTs from your dashboard. No code required.

  • Create NFTs on behalf of multiple creators (Business plans only)

  • Support for custom contracts and royalty splits

  • Coming soon - gated merchandise!

Impress and build confidence with COAs

  • All digital & physical products in one place

  • Patented blockchain certificates

  • Includes Verisart’s widely-recognized badge

  • Automatically issue COAs on sale or fulfillment

  • Support for editions

Keep your customers on your store

  • Customers claim NFTs from a personalized dashboard on your store

  • Customize certificates and emails with your branding (Premium plan and above)

  • Control the end-customer experience

What do customers see?


  • NFTs appear in your store like other products

  • Customers buy NFTs with card or crypto

  • After purchasing, customers receive an email with instructions for claiming their NFT

  • They can view NFTs on a personalized dashboard in the My Account section of your store

  • From there, they can unlock rewards and transfer the NFT to their wallet

  • Once transferred to their own wallet, NFTs can be sold on any open marketplace like OpenSea


  • Build confidence by displaying the Verisart Certified logo on your homepage

  • Product pages can display our recognized COA badge

  • Post-purchase, customers receive an email with a link to their digital COA

  • They can create a free Verisart account to manage their certificates

Link the physical and the digital

Unite physical products with digital COAs using our holographic secure QR stickers, available directly from the Verisart App. Our stickers feature: Holographic label, Secure QR code, Unique serial number, Tamperproof, Acid-free adhesive

Ask us about our Holographic Certificates and ship your products with beautiful printed COAs, designed to impress your customers.

About Verisart

Verisart is an award-winning and patented NFT minting and certification platform helping creators do business since 2015. Trusted by a growing community, we’ve certified over 90,000 artworks, collectibles, and products, including high-profile Shopify stores.

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