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Our 20-year-old cOHMmunity has always had the innate desire to Live The Life. Our desire to LTL hasn’t changed much but was definitely put on pause during Covid 19. No matter what direction the world turns, the sheer bliss of carving a backcountry bowl or tucking into a perfect tube is as pure as it gets. At the same time, our upOHMing web3 app will make it easier than ever to reach untouched new spots and coordinate trips with our closest friends in the surf & snow cOHMmunities. We’ve already been spending the past two decades connecting and sharing experiences over these passions, but we now have the tools to take this so much further.

We believe we’re entering a fundamentally new era where internet cOHMmunities are going to rival today’s corporations in terms of what they can accomplish. We’re talking about collectively owning ski resorts and swell-blessed islands, members having free access to slopes around the world, a global network of places to Live The Life, you get the idea.

COHMmunity is going to be at the center of everything we do because that’s what it’s always been about at the LiveTheLifeTV HQ in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. The beers by the fire after a session at the point with Bruce Gold, the lay days on the beach while waiting for the swell to arrive, and the 3.3-hour layovers in airports are where the stories are told. We're going to live and thrive on the brand DNA that made LiveTheLifeTV so special and unique. We may have reached 100 million eyeballs over the past 2 decades and flirted with 100K on Boomer Media, but really it’s all about our 1000 true fans, we know they’re still out there.

We’ll experiment with different ways to add value to our community through shared knowledge, art, and ownership. Ultimately, all GVO decisions will move us towards our mission of enabling each other to Live The Life, in more places, with every passing season. Ohmies stronk together.

To give you a sense of where we’re heading, we’ve compiled a list of some of the ideas that are being discussed in the LiveTheLifeTV discord, organized at different levels in accordance with the effort and finances necessary to get each idea off the ground.

Goals to step it up

  • To educate the public by producing quality content

  • To build meaningful relationships by organizing community events

  • Facilitating introductions amongst DAO members

  • Communicate our vision/mission to existing and new creators

  • Be an ambassador, and evangelist on social media, twitter spaces, discord, podcasts, etc.

  • Develop the vision and steer the growth of the social media & discord community

  • Source and manage internal and external content producers

  • Identify and execute creative campaigns to increase the visibility of the creators

  • Be able to "lift" and elevate creators' stories to the global audience

  • Launch new drops with global brands and creators

  • Create and maintain OnCyber and other types of virtual museums

  • Work with the team members to create programming, reveal, parties, etc.

  • Talk to collectors and understand their views.

  • Engagement with a core group of creators.

  • Maintain the FAQ for LiveTheLifeTV products.

What we learned

  • Most communities are just audiences

  • Members didn't know or provide each other value

  • Acquisition is easy, but engagement & retention are hard

  • Text-based communities are a pain to moderate

  • Open communities are susceptible to bad actors

We made LiveTheLifeTV a closed community.

  • We didn't fool ourselves into thinking size mattered.

  • Audiences are about how many, while communities are about who.

  • Closed means members have something to lose.

We defined community segments to identify the right members.

  • Community building is like product building.

  • If you narrow down your segments, you can deliver a compelling value prop.

What's next

  • LiveTheLifeTV started with just a couple of members.

  • We scale slowly to maintain engagement & vibes.

  • New members join in groups at the same time with the same expectations.

  • We make it an experience. Amazing onboarding is key to community building.

  • Each batch will also be a chance to experiment with something new.

  • We offer 1on1 onboarding calls to every new member

  • We match every new member for a 1on1 upon joining.

  • We default to audio over text.

  • We host weekly calls. Members tell us it's the highest leverage hour of their week.

  • Calls are a ritual (same time, weekly) that brings members back & reduces churn.

Token Distribution

  • 50% for the Community Treasury.

  • 17.5% for both Team and Investors.

  • 10% for Ecosystem Incentives to build community.

  • 5% for an Airdrop to reward past users.

  • 0% for Public Sales. We will NOT sell tokens.


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