LiveTheLifeTV is pleased to announce a virtual gallery space/metaverse. LTL will be presenting the gallery on Spatial with an exclusive NFT exhibition, featuring ten artists. The exhibition themes focus on photography and photogrammetry. Artists include; REDACTED. The artists will present a mixture of new unique works commissioned for the exhibition, historical works, and works from previous LTL projects that fall within the theme. The exhibition exemplifies how each of these artists, all from diverse artistic backgrounds, explores different ways of visual storytelling.

Our growth this year in the NFT space would not have been possible without the support from our friends at ThirdWeb and Spatial and the devs who have either historically been involved in the NFT space.’s gallery spaces are ideal for our audience, with accessibility ranging from VR headsets to desktop, or mobile devices. The official LiveTheLifeTV HQ will be used as an informal space to connect with the dream team and will connect with a series of metaverse art galleries.

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