Our NFTs will be minted with Manifold Studio. When you import your Manifold contract on our platform, one of the steps is to sign the sale orders. These orders contain pricing and availability information. So your NFTs will be visible immediately on OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, and soon on Odyssey as well, but they will be shown without prices.

Resale royalty is a percentage that you will receive if your NFT sells on a secondary market. It is part of the smart contract and most NFT marketplaces respect it. For example, you listed your NFT for 0.1 ETH and it sold. A collector then sells it for 2 ETH, if your resale royalty is 10%, you will automatically receive 0.2 ETH. On LiveTheLifeTV you can choose your own resale royalty. It is on-chain and a part of your own smart contract, and it is respected by a broad range of marketplaces, such as Opensea, Coinbase NFT, LooksRare, Zora, and others.


IPFS is a popular P2P network for sharing data in a decentralized way, but it lacks one feature: Permanence. Content on the IPFS network can disappear. If no one hosts the data, it could be lost forever. The Arweave blockchain can now store and pin files onto IPFS and keep them available permanently. This is why our GVO / DDA contracts use Arweave and so unlike 90% of NFTs they will be available 4ever on blockchain.

Arweave set out to resolve the above issues. The solution was simple. Incentivize the nodes to hold the data permanently. It is done by users paying a one-time fee in AR (the native Arweave token) to the nodes.

The formula used for the fee calculation in essence incentivizes the nodes to hold the data for well over 200 years. The fee takes into calculation the rising price of AR over time alongside the decreasing price of physical storage. And on top of that, the Arweave team deliberately underestimated the decreasing cost of storage over the years in order to play it even safer.

On top of that, the nodes are periodically asked for a random piece of data from the entire Arweave network. If the node can verify they are storing that piece of data they get awarded extra AR tokens. This means that every single node on the network benefits from holding a copy of the entire data.

Generally speaking, IPFS has its advantages but it can’t offer permanent storage without workarounds – and even then, the workarounds tend to have drawbacks, making your NFTs unsafe to store. If it’s not stored on an incentivized blockchain, it’s more like the cloud.

Having an NFT stored on Arweave is the answer for the long-term since it provides permanent storage without the monthly fees that would make it so that you technically just rent your NFT from the storage provider. Having this option makes NFT creators (and collectors) opt for Arweave as the safer solution to sell and store art without the risk of 404s.

Merch Bridge

Merch Bridge builds upon the Connect Wallet widget, using an OAuth connection to query NFT data of our connected users via Manifold APIs. The Campaign Widget uses this information in conjunction with configurable token gated “campaigns” managed in the Manifold Developer Portal. Within each campaign things like start and end date, the tokens required for a claim, the individual Shopify products you want to make available, and desired discount application can be configured. Once a campaign is set, the Connect Wallet and Campaign widgets will need to be embedded within our site, referencing our Client and Campaign IDs from Manifold Developer Portal. Upon campaign start, collectors can connect their wallets, navigate through the redemption widget to prove NFT ownership, and finalize checkout via a secure URL on LiveTheLifeTV

Steve Aoki launched a custom claim page inviting all holders of the Nyan Aoki token to claim a free custom Nyan Aoki Letterman Jacket. The team at 1/n have been building experiences directly inside of Shopify, creating branded claim flows for their dead drippers and series 69 projects with custom merch to raise money for awesome causes. MetaZoo Games, known for their popular collectible card game, has used the technology to run multiple pre-sale experiences for new card drops only for those with their MetaZoo Games tokens. Artists like Whitelights and NFTweak are adding even more value and utility to their collections with token gated apparel built right into their stores. We’ve even seen the beginnings of innovative projects like MintBook, which will be using Manifold Studio and Merch Bridge for NFT claims of their physical book project.

Our stance hasn’t changed; the creator is the platform. We believe creators should have the tools at their disposal to not only create their work and build community but to foster and grow those communities. Merch Bridge will help our creators accomplish this. The main advantage is to grow our audience with physical items, special experiences, and rewards.

DDA PRINTS can only be purchased or claimed by verified holders of an NFT.

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