Programmable spending

Commit portions of your funds to the people or projects you want to support, or the contributors you want to pay. When you get paid, so do they.

ERC-20 community tokens

When someone pays your project, they'll receive your project's tokens in return. Tokens can be redeemed for a portion of your project's overflow funds; when you win, your community wins with you. Leverage your project's token to grant governance rights, community access, or other membership perks.

Redistributable surplus

Set a funding target to cover predictable expenses. Any extra funds (overflow) can be claimed by anyone holding your project's tokens alongside you.

Transparency & accountability

Changes to your project's funding configuration require a community-approved period to take effect, which acts as a safeguard against rug pulls. Your supporters don't have to trust you — even though they already do.

Note: Juicebox is new, unaudited, and not guaranteed to work perfectly. Before spending money, do your own research: ask questions, check out the code, and understand the risks!

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