Marketing & PR ⌐◮-◮

“You only have 7 invites, use them wisely.”

You’re doing sales because you failed at marketing. You’re doing marketing because you failed at product. Web3 changes the whole approach to bootstrapping new networks, since tokens offer an alternative to the traditional approach to the cold-start problem. Rather than spending funds on traditional marketing to entice and acquire potential customers, we can use tokens to bring in early users, who can then be rewarded for their early contributions when network effects weren’t yet obvious or started. Not only are those early users evangelists who bring more people into the network, but this essentially makes early users in web3 more powerful than the salespeople in web2.

Community expectations have changed, the same old perks just don’t go the distance anymore: no one is getting excited by IP, airdrops, access to merch, and exclusive collector channels on Discord. Projects need to go beyond the drop. Projects building on the protocol will be able to launch with native utility tokens and DAO governance features from the get-go.


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