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Over 2,500 projects and creators have trusted PREMINT to launch and grow their access list, including XCOPY, Cool Cats, Moonbirds, Rug Radio, VeeFriends, and now GVO. PREMINT lets us define exactly who is able to join your list.

The concept of an allowlist is similar to an exclusive pre-sale. People who are interested in the project before it mints are put on a special list that guarantees them a minting opportunity, sometimes for a reduced price. This is done before the public sale. A certain amount of NFTs are usually reserved for the allowlist, and everything left over becomes available for the public, which normally becomes a high gas war. Allowlist members can be early adopters, NFT holders, giveaway winners, and people who complete bounties on DEWORK. Some allowlist spots will be raffled off.

Example: TBD

  • Allowlist for the Private Sale runs for about 2 weeks.

  • Private Sale of 600 GVO Mint Passes on the Allowlist. (2D?)

  • Public Sale of 400 GVO Mint Passes. Max 3-hour window

PREMINT Mechanics

  • Allowlist. Quantity = Supply. 1 NFT / Wallet. 24h mint.

  • Waitlist. You are allowed to mint during a 3h mint window.

  • Public. Last 3hrs to mint. No rush, no gas war, no stress.

Dynamic Supply

  • 3 Artist Proof Editions: Not For Sale.

  • Edition 300 for merch claim

  • Edition 20 for a large print claim

  • Edition 10 for an XL Master Print

The purpose of reserving an artist proof from an edition is that once an edition is sold out, the artist still has a small number of prints available for exhibition purposes.


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Brenden is building PREMINT, a tool that makes it incredibly easy to collect a ton of wallet addresses to use for NFT presales, access lists, giveaways, and so much more. XCOPY, Cool Cats, Moonbirds, Rug Radio, VeeFriends, and thousands of other projects and artists are using PREMINT! Why is Brenden so passionate about building for creators? What new features PREMINT is rolling out next? How is Brenden thinking about the future of platform dependency, payment models, and token gating? Hear the answers in the interview with Carly!

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