Capture One

Multi-row stitching, to build an extremely high-resolution image in all directions, giving us a huge DNG file to work with that’s fully editable directly in Capture One.

Gear: Hasselblad 500 Series / Hasselblad H Series / Fuiji / Blackmagic Cinema Camera

500EL: Basically a 500C with a motor drive. ('64-'69) 500EL/M: This is to the 500 EL what the 500C/M was to the 500C. ('71-'84) 500ELX: Introduces the CX-type ttl OTF meter and gliding mirror system. ('84-'88) 553ELX: This is the one that uses AA batteries. ('88-'99) 555ELD: This is the most advanced in the lineup. It has separate contacts for digital backs and had an even glidier mirror. ('98-'06)

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